What is “unprocessed” food?
Unprocessed foods are those that do not have added chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or dyes. Fruits and vegetable are unprocessed, they occur in nature, but Cheetos are a highly processed food, unless of course you have discovered a Cheetos Tree. 😉

You can also think of it as “Real” food:
Real food contains wholesome ingredients that you would use in your own kitchen if you were to make the food from scratch. You wouldn’t use Maltodextrin as a sweetener in your recipe would you? No. You would however use honey or maple syrup as a sweetener. If you can’t read the ingredient(with some exceptions), or wouldn’t use it yourself, then it’s more than likely not a real food.

Does this mean that you shop at expensive stores, and eat all organic food?
Nooooo! The average person cannot afford to eat entirely organic, or shop at the “health food stores” each and every time you need groceries. I am able to find a good majority of the foods I need at regular stores. Locally my favorite store is Aldis, I also shop at Festival, occasionally Walmart for a few things that I can’t find elsewhere, and I love going to Trader Joe’s when we are headed that way! I have also come to love Woodmans, and I do order *some* things online, but not much. There is also a local Amish store that I am able to find some things like nuts, seeds, and baking supplies at.
As far as organic goes, of course I try to fill our diet with as many organic things as possible, but we all know its just not feasible on a budget, and with all diet types. If it won’t break the bank I choose organic, otherwise I try to use the healthiest non-organic items. Those items being at least GMO free or local products. (Aldi’s makes organic easy, they have a Simply Nature brand that includes a variety of foods including grass fed organic beef!)

What is all this VEGAN talk lately?
Recently we have decided to start eating a more vegan, plant based diet. On top of eating unprocessed, we have started avoiding meat and dairy for a number of reasons. We still eat it occasionally, but not nearly as often as we used to. I will be making a post about this in the following weeks and will link here as soon as it is ready. Most recipes that I post that are vegan are easily adaptable to be non-vegan as well by using dairy instead of the substitutes.

How often do you post new recipes?
I post recipes when I see fit basically. I have no set posting schedule, but I do try to post at least 3-5 things each week. I cook almost entirely at home, we don’t go out to eat that often. So I try lots of new things each week. The ones that turn out and aren’t a total food fail, end up becoming a post.

How can I follow all of your recipes?
I am working on setting up a way for you to subscribe to posts, I have run into a few issues with this. Just know that it will be coming soon! For now, if you follow the Facebook page, you should see a majority of them posted there. I also have a Facebook group for this site, contact me via the regular Facebook page for access to that!

If I want you to create a certain kind of recipe, can I request it?
You sure can! Use the contact page from the menu above and let me know what you are looking for!

Are you going to create a cookbook?
It is on my list to do yes! I have been wanting to create a cook book since starting this journey, but its not in the creation phase quite yet. If you subscribe to posts(on the home pages right side), not only will you receive new recipes weekly, but you will also be notified when things like cook books are being released!

Side note: I am currently creating my own scrapbook recipe book, combining all of our favorite recipes into one book, once that is well on its way to being full, I plan on looking into creating an actual book.

How old are you, what do you do, do you have kids?

In short, 22, photography full-time, not yet. 😉

I tried a recipe, but it didn’t work out for me, what can I do?
All kitchens and families are different, and everyone’s taste buds vary. But if you contact me (using the contact page) I would be happy to try and address any issues that you had!